Quality trellis & versality with style design & use in Whangaparaoa & Hibiscus Coast

Trellis for all situations

Thinking of constructing a fence for the purpose of privacy and security, Trellis - Made to Measure can help you.  Customised trellis can enhance your fencing needs, Trellis - Made To Measure has a solution to suit your individual circumstances and offer a range of styles.

  • Oriental
  • Diagonal
  • Square
  • Diagonal Oriental
  • Doubel Sided Oriental

From ready made trellis to suit the home handyman, we use the best quality material in our trellises to suit your requirements.  

We use treated timber sourced locally, and offer a choice of galvanised or stainless diversion point staples.

We have a product to suit your every need!

Examples of smart treelis design and style incorporation around the exterior of the home and garden
Examples of trellis used outdoors around the home, out in the garden, patio, landscaping features in Hibsicuc Coast


Trellis fences are by far the most popular choice for home boundary fencing.  At Trellis - Made To Measure, we supply a wide range of trellis.  If you are looking for something a bit different to set your house apart, have a look through our sample of trellis styles in Hibiscus Coast to see the wide range of trellis solutions, we have available at our workshop.

Pool fencing

No other style of fencing gets more publicity than pool fencing.  With the consequences of inadequate fencing being potentially fatal, you need to be sure your pool fence meets strict compliance standards.  We can supply trellis for pool fences that will not only keep your loved ones safe, but will also be a spectacular addition to your home.


Trellis gates are a light option compared to solid wood gates.  We can manufacturer a gate that will complement your home and be absolutely secure for the children.  From a range of styles, we have the gate to keep you safe!  Call Trellis - Made To Measure today for trellis gates!

For all your trellis requirements in Whangaparaoa & Hibiscus Coast, call Trellis - Made To Measure today!